Tuesday, 15 December 2015

With a little help from my friends this Christmas

If you're feeling charitable this Christmas and would like to help out some dear ones in my hood mom sphere, following are some ideas on how to make their season special.

  • A single mom/nursing student on a limited income who loves dance, but has never been to see the ballet. Perfect gift: a pair of tickets to any RWB production in the next year.
  • A young Sudanese man on bail who is living with me and working doing temp work, often outdoors. Needed: a good new or used winter work jacket or down parka size large and a pair of gloves. 

  • A single mom of four young adult daughters who was defrauded in early December. With help from friends and her church, she is playing catch-up on rent and bills but she has no extra money to buy Christmas presents. Needed: A gift card from Shoppers Drug Mart (or any store within walking distance) where she can buy some small gifts for her daughters.                            

  • Me. I've had a catastrophic turn of events with both my work and home laptops, making it difficult to continue to write my book. Needed: I'm looking for a good used laptop, one that is portable and has decent battery life.

With much love, humility and gratitude,

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me
Email or iMessage: gaylenedempsey@yahoo.ca 
TextMe: 204.813.8616

PS: What can I give you? Well I recommend watching The House Without a Christmas Tree, a tv movie from the 70s I just discovered which is lovely and touching.