Monday, 25 March 2013

Tell me...what You are like?

Continuing with my journey with God by asking Him 40 questions in 40 days and journalling His subsequent replies. 

Day 2 - Tell me what You are like?

I am like the waves on the shore. 

You notice all my different waves Gaylene. You love body surfing in my big burly waves. You love watching the way I gain territory. The way I leave heart shaped rocks scattered on the shore for you. The way I sometimes lap softly at the shore. The way I can change colours. The way I sound. 

Why is it that you love the lakefront, oceanfront so much? Because you want to hear me, see me, know me. Be awed by me.

Waves of grace. Waves of love. Waves of my perfect purposes. Waves of mercy. Waves to woo you. 

You love to swim in me. Bob in me. Dance in me. I bring you joy. You dive into me. You praise in me. 

That's what I'm like. 

Next: Day 3 - Show me what You are like.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Let it Flow :: 40 Days :: 40 Questions :: 40 Answers

So many people ask how I hear from God in the specific way I do. For me, at the core of it all is journalling. My journals are all dated and they give me a permanent record of what God tells me,my dreams and visions, prophetic words spoken about me, song lyrics that speak to me as well as notes and impressions I get from sermons, teachings and messages. I spend a lot of time combing through them in order to remind me.

Then I came upon Rivers From Eden, an excellent little book by Brad and Eden Jersak. It encourages you to ask the Lord 40 questions in 40 days and to journal what He has to say back to you. To say the book and my subsequent journalling changed my life is a vast understatement. So in the weeks to come I'm going to share some of the questions the book prompted me to ask Him and what the Lord spoke back to me. I asked all my questions in one bound red and black journal and I recorded what He replied between September 2011 and January 2012. What God spoke to me in that journal is precious to me in ways I cannot properly express in mere words. 

Day 1 - God who are you?

I am your everything. Your Alpha, Omega. I am your provider, your defender, your Only One. The only husband you will ever need (not that you won't have an earthly husband). I am your sustenance and your nourishment. I answer your hunger and thirst for me. I see you. I create you. I AM your good father, the one who sees it all. The one who loved you at your worst and still sees the precious little girl, still my perfect daughter. I am. I know. I love. I desire. I see. I hear. I sense. I feel. I show affection. I beckon and Gaylene, I beckon you. My precious daughter, you are mine. I am more. I am bigger. I am deeper. I am longer. I am mercy. I am grace. I am righteousness. I am everything I say I am and MORE. Don't put me in a box. Don't put limits on me. I am higher. I am stronger. I am wider. I am every race, every tribe, every tongue. I am. I touch. I sense. I hear. I hear. I see. I am everything. I created it. I tend to it. I see the future of it and in it all I see you Gaylene. You! Concerned, loving, nurturing, affectionate, cherishing you. I hear the way you call my name. Be mine. I purchased your soul at the price of My Son's blood. 

Next up: Day 2 - Tell me what You are like?

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I shall be whiter than snow

As I survey the latest six inch layer of snow that has fallen in the past 24 hours, my heart is overflowing with a newly found love and awe for God and His creation. 

Why, you might ask?

During my most recent trip down to International House of Prayer in Kansas City, we drove through two fairly substantial snowstorms. And in the stark whiteness and expanse of the North Dakota prairie, God revealed the reality and beauty of Psalm 51:7 to me. 

Now I look at the freshly fallen snow and I think of it as a tangible reminder to us - if we choose to receive it - that He really does cleanse us, wash us and make us new. 

Now go ahead...look out your window with eyes afresh. Don't you just adore Him?