Monday, 25 March 2013

Tell me...what You are like?

Continuing with my journey with God by asking Him 40 questions in 40 days and journalling His subsequent replies. 

Day 2 - Tell me what You are like?

I am like the waves on the shore. 

You notice all my different waves Gaylene. You love body surfing in my big burly waves. You love watching the way I gain territory. The way I leave heart shaped rocks scattered on the shore for you. The way I sometimes lap softly at the shore. The way I can change colours. The way I sound. 

Why is it that you love the lakefront, oceanfront so much? Because you want to hear me, see me, know me. Be awed by me.

Waves of grace. Waves of love. Waves of my perfect purposes. Waves of mercy. Waves to woo you. 

You love to swim in me. Bob in me. Dance in me. I bring you joy. You dive into me. You praise in me. 

That's what I'm like. 

Next: Day 3 - Show me what You are like.

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