Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What in me causes You joy?

Going back and revisiting God's answers to my questions often leaves me in pools of tears. I'm just so grateful and I cannot fathom how people make it without hearing His voice, His love, His encouragement...

Day 16 - What in me causes You joy? 
Where in my life am I getting it right? 
What fruits of the Spirit are starting to sprout? 
What in my life would cause You to clap for me? 

God said: 
Gaylene, why are you crying?
Why are you so afraid to hear this?Why are you stopping? 
I love you. 
I enjoy you. 
I need you. 
And you keep going deeper

You are my yes woman.
Yes, there's things you resist me on, but for the most part I scan the earth and you're someone I can count on. You say yes when others just shrug. 

That causes me joy. 
That causes me to clap for you.
You stand. 
You grow. 
You never stand still in your faith walk. 

You know full well how you've grown in the areas of the fruit. 
You're more patient, less angry. 
Look at the list. 
You've grown and it gives me joy, my daughter.

Next: What burdens will you bear for me?

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