Saturday, 6 July 2013

What's on Your heart God?

As I asked God questions, He continued to confront me - in His kindness and mercy - of my iniquity.

Day 14 - What's on Your heart God?

God said: Obviously Israel. 

They are my portion, my prize, my beloved ones. I love them.
I need you to think back and there is so much more for you to remember about Israel, my heart. 

I replied: Lord I was so sinful at that time. It hurts to remember being there knowing where I was.

God said: Don't worry even then I was drawing you. 
Even then I knew you'd be here today saying that exact thing.
All is forgiven. I see your repentant heart.
It should hurt. 
It's my heart's desire, but don't focus on your sin. It drags you down. It holds you back. 
You can speak of it but don't get morose. 
There's much work to be done in your prayers. In your focus.

NEXT: What in me causes You grief?

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