Saturday, 7 September 2013

What in my community brings You joy?

Continuing with my practice of asking God questions over a 40 day period. His answers about my community yielded some intriguing perspectives.

Day 23: What in my community brings You joy?
Where are the bright spots? Why do these things bring You joy? How can I get involved? 
Restore my hope in my community as I see them through Your eyes. Show me what You are up to so I can rejoice with You.

God said: A Jewish mayor who is open to Christians and my issues. 

I was a bit startled and replied: Really? 

Really Gaylene. Why would you doubt that? It's not just manipulative for votes. It's a true hunger for deeper things. 

There are more like him. More Jews that desire Me, desire My Son, that haven't even heard the gospel yet they yearn. That brings me joy. Because only My Son will do. They don't know the full story but they ARE the full story. 

Now think about's no coincidence that you have a Jewish Christian-friendly mayor. It's significant. It means something. It's PROPHETIC in fact.

Next: What's the best use of my day?

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