Tuesday, 24 September 2013

What lies will You dispel for me?

Oh those lies that pester us. Turns out my heavenly Daddy had been talking to me for some time about one in particular...and His answer this question was evidence that it was time for it to go for once and for all.

Day 25: What lies will You dispel for me?

God said: Yes Gaylene it's regarding your worth. Remember when you first left MARIA, I talked to you even then about your worth. You knew me then, you knew it was Me speaking. It's about your worth. The lie is that your life is hard and you were made to struggle and suffer. And the truth is you have IMMEASURABLE WORTH to me. You are so valuable I could fill a book

I asked: Really? How can that be true?

He countered: Why do you doubt me?

I said: Well I'm so fragile and messed up and broken and fleshly.

God replied: Gaylene you see; you can admit it. So many can not, will not, DON'T. But you do. It's a lie that your life has no value, that you're just a pawn in some such game I'm playing. You life has worth, value. You are more valuable than rubies, pearls, all the gems. You are mine. More valuable than all the flowers, all the beautiful things in a garden. HOW MUCH MORE GAYLENE do I love you? I want you to dispel this lie to agree with Me. Agree with me.

I wrote: YES LORD.

He continued: I can't have you walking on this earth for even another day not understanding your worth and value to me, to the prayer movement, to the Bride, to the people on your heart. Stop devaluing yourself. This is ME Gaylene telling you this. I love you beyond measure.

Next: Where do you want to meet me today?

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