Friday, 30 August 2013

What in my community causes You grief?

Why not ask God about your community? Like me, you might be taken aback at what He has to say about the things you can do to affect change. It doesn't take much.

Day 22: What in my community causes You grief?
Why does it grieve You? How do You want me to respond? 
Shall I pray? Shall I speak out? Shall I act?

I wrote: I'm scared to ask this question for some reason.

God said: The same thing that drives you...marginalized people being left aside. Aboriginal people and their plight in your city and country. People who are precious to me being invisible.  Each of them are precious to me, Gaylene.
I said: How do you want me to respond? 

God replied: Look into their eyes. They want to be acknowledged like anyone. You don't need to give money but I do ask for you to acknowledge them with love. Of course you shall pray. You already do. Simple prayers I do not despise Gaylene. Act when the Spirit prompts. You know.

Next: What in my community brings You joy?

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