Thursday, 3 October 2013

Where do you want to meet me today?

When God first asked me to minister to African youth - many of them gang involved - little did I know I'd be dealing with murder. Four murders. It's been heart-wrenching and hard, but I do now see His hand in it all. But that has come because of my own wrestling with Him. The following question and answer came after one such murder of a young Somali man who always supported me in the streets and was one of the bright lights in my ministry. His murder was not only devastating to his family and many of the kids I know, it brought with it a backlash against me that was astounding to say the least. But my heavenly Papa always comes through with peace and perspective. O how I love Him.

Day 26: Where do you want to meet me today?

God said: I'm going to meet you in all that pain and confusion. Never fear my daughter I know what I'm doing. Just be aware of my feelings in this situation. My heart hurts for everyone involved. It was not intended to be from the garden to the graveyard like this.

I cried out: Why did it have to happen and why do I have to be in the middle and why do I even have to know?

He replied: Trust Gaylene. Trust in me. That opposition is because you are in the right place. Exactly where I planted you. Doing what I asked you to do. Feel the pain. Feel the stress. Feel my heart but don't hold onto it. It is intended so you pray, intercede and your prayer and intercession MATTERS. 

I hear you. So I want to meet you in your prayers. I trust you with my secrets.

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