Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Where should my focus be?

What an adventure it is to question God and journal His replies as suggested in Rivers from Eden: 40 Days of Intimate Conversation with God by Brad and Eden Jersak. I didn't include every single question - some were just too personal - that I asked God back in 2011 but this is the last one I can find in that journal where I asked God questions. It has been such a rich and beautiful experience revisiting the entire process and knowing how it enriched my relationship with Him today. Because my questioning has never really stopped...and neither has His answers.

Day 41: Where should my focus be?

Papa replied: Look at every day as separate from the next. Every day is different. All of them leading to My return. 

Every day can be a new focus if you want it. It's your choice. Really Gaylene it is. Your focus can be wherever you want it to be.

I want it to be on Me. But ultimately it is your choice. Choose Me as your focus. Say no to idols. They split your focus. You will see why this is important. 

More will be revealed. Focus on Me.

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