Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Show me Your Kingdom at work

Questioning My Heavenly Papa proved so fruitful and rewarding, I'm still in awe at the things God told me during that period in my life. And just how much potency it still has as I grow as a Christian.

Day 39: Show me Your Kingdom at work

God said: Take note of the little things Gayene. The little nuances. The things that few notice. You notice them. The space between the silence is where I do my best work.The silence does have space on each side of it. It's what makes it silence. 

Healing you is my Kingdom at work. Because you carrying this even another day does not allow my Kingdom to work at its fullest. Okay?

I replied: Well that's a bit too much to claim don't you think? 

He continued: Gaylene remember the humility. I need you.

I countered. I don't feel much right now. I mean I feel You but I don't hear big prophetic stuff.

He said: You're not always intended to. I want you to feel my feelings. But you know that don't you? You've always known that. My feelings are just important as some big prophetic declaration. In fact, they must coexist.
Next: What Kingdom works do You have for me today?

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