Monday, 22 April 2013

How do You see me Father God?

As I read through Rivers of Eden, I continued to ask God questions and journalled what His replies were. 

Day 5 - How do You see me Father God?
Do I have the humility to agree with God? 
What if what He tells me is true? 

God told me:
Let me tell you about your garden. Yes it's fragrant and watered. But have you considered the varieties of flowers and plants that grow there? And the wildlife that find a home there? Colors that spring out of verdant greenery. 

And yes Gaylene, the smells. 
You are the fragrance. 
You smell so beautiful. 
No one else smells like you.
Your aroma is intoxicating. 
No one else has it.

My Sweet Rose - John William Waterhouse c.1908

When you walk in a room, people sense something is different because your aroma is so strong that it cancels out all the other stuff. It actually changes the chemistry. 

NOW do you understand why you are filled with the beauty of fragrance? 

Because you ARE a fragrance.

Alabaster Box by Julie Meyer

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