Thursday, 18 April 2013

Who am I to You?

The questions I asked God started to get a little more personal. 

Day 4 - Who am I to You?

As soon as I asked the question, I got a picture in my mind's eye of feet walking on a paper map. Then the map was revolved and the feet headed into an entirely different direction.

Then God spoke to me: 

You are an adventurer, a mapmaker.

You chart the way.

Others are on roads they think are leading them places.That's who you are Gaylene. You help people who have been given confusing directions make sense of them. 

That's your unique teaching gift. You use your experiences to chart the way. Continue to be totally transparent about your story, your discoveries, your breakthroughs, your charts the way for others.

You know they've been reading the map wrong.

I just gave you a picture of how when you look at the map one way and just alter the way you hold it, it can change everything.

It is important to me. You are a discoverer no less important than Christopher Columbus.

Next: How do you see me Father God?


  1. great blog today Gaylene, you know some people are afraid to ask that question "who am I to You Lord?" perhaps they are afraid of silence, so they can surmise that God doesn't think highly of them at all. Of course that just isn't true.
    love your fresh creative style.

    1. Thank you so much. The Lord used you in an important way to encourage me. Humbled.