Monday, 29 April 2013

Do You love me? How much?

The questions I asked God continued to yield responses that were highly tender and personal.

Day 6 - Do You love me? How much?

God said to me:

I love you Gaylene. 

Do you feel that overflow?
The bubbling up? 
It's me.
Flowing in you.
Flowing through you.
Flowing around you.
Flowing on top of you.
Flowing underneath you.
Flowing beside you.

And it's all love FOR you.

It's like a waterfall that never stops. Never ever.
Imagine Niagara Falls with no water.
Impossible for me to cease loving you the way I do.

Open up Gaylene for the overflow.
You are my reservoir, 
my catch basin, 
my pool at the bottom of the waterfall. 
Catching me.
Catching my love.

Fill Me Up by United Pursuit f/ Will Reagan
(Love of God overflow :: Permeate all my soul)

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