Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Show me my heart

This actually wasn't the first time I asked God to show me a picture of my heart. But His description this time around was not only surprising, it was bang on...and a lot more detailed than I ever expected. 

Day 8 - Show me my heart

Show me a picture of my heart. Give me a tour.

God said to me: Central Park.
There's play areas at each end. 
Seating all around the perimeter.
A fountain. 
A big slide.
Cameras that catch every move within it.
Other hearts of people you love...
people who are broken...
people who are beautiful.

A water park to splash in.

Why is it "your place"?
Because it's your heart.
There's not a single thing that doesn't make sense to you.
Shade, sun, soccer, love, events.
Stages for entertainment.
Water flowing in the water park, in the fountain.
My place. 
In the heart of Winnipeg.
The heart of me. 

Next: Do You have a gift for me today?


  1. this is the line that I love here....it is central (in my view!!)"There's not a single thing that doesn't make sense to you"
    That is more powerful than you think!! thank you.

    1. Thanks Rebecca...it was from a couple years back I finally decided to share what He told me. I'm still impacted the way He spoke to me in that season.