Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Do You like me? Why do You like me?

Working through Rivers from Eden, I continued to ask God questions and started to hear His view of me, which was frankly a little startling.

Day 7 - Do You like  me? Why do You like me?
What do You see that's likeable?

God said to me: The way you're sitting gazing on my beauty right now. I like that. I like that you take the time to gaze on me and you get the whole deal. The entire scope. That I am the Lord of everything, the trees, the air, the seasons, the little things, the big things.

You get the little things so many miss. The smells, the nuances of changing seasons. You notice when the first leaf changes, and then when it falls.

You notice singular words in Scripture and are awed by them.

You notice the fluff that is out of place in people's hair.

It's not that the bigger broad strokes aren't important but you are wired to focus on those tiny nuances of life.

And you get it.

You get that smelling me far outweighs a new car or any car.

I like that about you Gaylene. 

I like that you try and communicate it to others.

I like that you never give up. 

I like that you never shut up, but you know when to not say a word. 

I like that you're teachable in that area. 

I know you don't see yourself that way, but it's true.

I like that you contain joy in a way few others can.

It was Sunday, October 3 and I was sitting on my front steps when I wrote the above. And I felt the Lord's prompting to look around and tell Him what I saw around me, to gaze upon His beauty so to speak. So I wrote:

One singular wasp. A swarm of flies hovering over the sidewalk. Hues of green, lime green, yellow and orange and red. A sole bird tweeting. A broken hearted cloud floating eastward. Something just dropped off a bush. A leaf? An acorn? There's two wasps now and they're pestering me. 

Devi is tied to the stairs and is staring at some of the same things as me.

A dog barks at the distance. 

The red leaves that climb the neighbour's tree are stunning. I feel that if I stare long enough, I can see a leaf turn colour. There is a canopy of trees over me so overarchingly beautiful it's staggering. 

And You did this for me. FOR ME! You made me this way. Thank you.

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