Wednesday, 12 June 2013

God, in what Bible story would You like to meet me?

It seemed a little outlandish asking God to compare me to one of the people in the Bible. But His answers were continuing to truly touch me and even reveal His plans for my future.

Day 11 - God, in what Bible story would You like to meet me? 

Do I remind You of one of the characters in the story?
How does this story tie into my life?

Abigail bringing gifts to David - Francesco Botti c.1680s

God said: 

You know all day you've been thinking of Abigail. 

The Lord prompted me to re-read 1 Samuel 25 (and the notes in my NIV Study Bible) and then highlighted the following to me:
Abigail lost no time. 
"My Lord let the blame be on me alone."
(Study notes: Her prudent action prevents David from using his power as a leader for personal vengeance in confident acknowledgement of David's future accession to the throne.)
"May you be blessed for keeping me from bloodshed."

Yes, you are like her. 
You lose no time in crises. 
You stand in the gap for others.
Do you know what that is? It's the proactive sacrificial position. 
You let the blame be on you by standing for them. 
You WILL be blessed for your good judgement.
You WILL be married to an amazing man.
A man of royalty of least to me.
David meets Abigail - Maciejowski Bible, leaf 34 c.1250

NEXT: Lord, is there a wonderful memory in my life where you'd like to meet me?

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