Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What gift can I offer others today?

This was the day the back and forth conversation between Father God and I really began to flow. And it's pretty clear I'm not the easiest child of God to deal with.

Day 11 - What gift can I offer others today?
How and with who shall I share it?

God said: 

Write this down Gaylene. Your story is a gift to others. See how it affected John* and Mike* 

And I said:
Well yeah, but come on...a gift? That is ludicrous.

God said: 
Gaylene. I saved you for reasons that are about you but so much more than you. Can you accept that? 

And I replied:

God said:
Your story encourages people like Anna*, who just see slivers of sin and their own sin, but your story has significant implications. You are being redeemed. You are being sanctified. You are being renewed. And it's a gift.

And I wrote:

God said:
It's my gift to you. It's my gift to the world and I want you to offer it to others. I don't have to tell you for who. You know. You know how to.

*Names changed for privacy reasons

NEXT: God, in what Bible story would you like to meet me?

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