Sunday, 25 August 2013

What in my church brings You joy?

A couple years ago I asked God 40 questions over 40 days as prescribed in a book called "Rivers from Eden: 40 Days of Intimate Conversation with God" by Brad and Eden Jersak. In the process I learned so much about His heart for me, His people and, in this case, His church.

Day 21: What in my church brings You joy?
Why does it bring You joy?
What activities in our church are You blessing right now?
Are these ministries for which I should be praying?
To which I should be giving?
For which I should be serving?

God said: Well I'm enamored with SHOP. Single-minded devotion to me. It's like Brian says...nothing takes you off your game. Your game is to intercede for the plans and purposes I desire. I want more of this. More worship. More prayer. More intercession. The things you experience will be happening soon all day and all night.

It brings me joy because above all it's necessary. I need it to see my plans, my love, my Son coming forth. 

No program in itself will do this. Alpha is schooled you to be in this place. They all have ripple effects but they're not the real stories. The real story is people proclaiming the return of my Son Jesus Christ to rule the earth. From Jerusalem. About Israel. You see, these three must be the focus. SHOP is focused on it. 
Other churches are coming. Other denominations. I'm waking people up in droves. You in the middle of the night times a thousand. You will see this in the middle of the morning, afternoon, evening. I won't give up until others see this and come around.

Next: What in my community causes You grief?

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