Friday, 16 August 2013

What in my church causes You grief?

Apparently when you ask God about His church, His precious Bride, He has lot to say.

Day 20: What in my church causes You grief? Is there a stain on the bride's dress? (This question about the Bride of Christ is not for ammunition, but to repent.)

God said: None of the extra trappings matter. 

I just want my people to focus on Me. That's it. If they focus on me and not the room, not the outfits, not the things, not the stuff, nothing else will matter.

I don't care about the stuff, I care about you, My people fixed on Me. If everyone did...fixed on Me...they wouldn't have to develop programs, do things etc. They will because of me, not because of a church, a building or the trappings or a program. And if you bring 20, 40, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 people focused on me together. Well you see what I'm getting at. You will do what is needed anyways. Because you will hear My voice. 

That despair in your heart about the spinning globe and the lights and the jumping and the gyrating is well founded. I wonder a lot about it.
I was aghast and asked God: Really? You're for real going to reveal this to me?

God answered: Yes Gaylene, you. Think to the simple country churches you've been to in St. Laurent and Victoria Beach. Do you think I care any less for those people because their buildings have less stuff? No. 

I want people with their eyes and their hearts focused on Me. I want more people like that. All the rest will follow.

I'm not looking for churches with programs and numbers and stuff. I'm looking for fully devoted believers of My Son Jesus Christ. That's it.

Next: What in my church brings You joy?

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