Friday, 11 October 2013

Where will I see You today?

The coolest thing about posting from my journal two years ago - when I asked God 40 questions in 40 days - is realizing how I didn't fully grasp what He was telling me at the time. It's been so incredibly timely and useful to revisit what He said to me then. He does, after all, transcend time...

Day 27: Where will I see You today?
Where will I notice You? 
This question is essentially daring the Lord to show Himself in the earthly realm...

God said: Gaylene you notice me.

I replied: I don't know Lord...maybe in nature, yes. But other than that?

God answered: Listen. You will hear me. You hear me in so many ways. In music, in voices, in waves, in the wind, in white noise, but I want you to hear me more. Will you commit to listen, I have so much more to tell you. You see me. You will see more today. Understand more.

I said: Why do I feel so flat? Because I can't believe that I even hear You enough or see enough. I am so selfish, self-absorbed and right now so prayerless.

God interjected: That's a lie Gaylene and you even know it is. You will see that today. You will see My plan in phone calls, in your prayers and how you walk where you walk.

Next: What promise do You have for me today?

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