Saturday, 26 October 2013

Who can I encourage today?

Oh my Heavenly Daddy...always throwing me curve balls. Here I thought I was going to get some ideas on who to serve and He makes it all about me. O how I love Him and the way He corrects me. Apparently I was seeking encouragement from people more than The One who created me in the first place. 

Day 29: Who can I encourage today?

God said: Gaylene I want you to encourage you. Just like David did. Get used to doing it to you, your little girl and it will come easier for others.

I retorted: Is this a joke? Like for real? Come on...

God replied: I know you heard me...that's why the tears. If you do this and do this often, it will cancel out all the discouragement you struggle with so often. Can you do this for me? Can you start encouraging yourself? I'm in you and so I'm in it. This way you will not look to others for encouragement as much. And hopefully never. Can you do this? 

I answered: Yes Lord, I can.

Next: Who have I judged?

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