Saturday, 9 November 2013

Against whom do I hold hard feelings?

I spent 18 years in Alcoholic Anonymous before I got saved and one thing I learned was how to make list of people I resented. But - for me - walking with Jesus is an entirely different level and my Papa's perspective on holding resentments was enlightening to say the least.

Day 31: Against whom do I hold hard feelings?
Is there resentment or bitterness in my heart that I need to confess?
Do I need to approach the person? How do I see that person?
Are there wounds in my heart that I still want to heal?

I immediately started writing down the names of about a dozen people towards whom I knew I was holding hard feelings. 
I said: I forgive them Lord. I don't carry active resentments - except for a couple - but you're right I do hold hard feelings.

God replied: 
Relax Gaylene. I'm not bringing this up to condemn you.
I just want you to know there are poisons and toxins that you carry and you need to let them go.The antidote is forgiveness and giving them and the offenses to me. I don't want you walking around with toxins inside you. I want to wash you clean. Okay?
I answered: Yes Lord. I am willing to be clean.
Next: Is there anything hindering our friendship?

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