Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Is there anything hindering our friendship?

As my 40 questions exercise wound down, I began to almost welcome my Heavenly Papa's correction of me. I certainly argued back a lot less because more and more everything just somehow made sense...

Day 32:  Is there anything hindering our friendship?

Is anything stalling our intimacy? Please show me.

God said: You worry about other people too much, to the detriment of your own walk. 

Worry less about others. Lift them up in prayer, yes. But don't obsess. There are things you focus on too much and others you ignore. Give Me your time first and foremost and I will be be able to lead you better. You won't get ahead of Me or behind Me. 

Just you. Can you do that? Does that mean you can't take calls, do your work? No. But just singlemindedly think of Me. Always. As much as you can. 

Brian got it right. Don't focus on people and situations. Focus on Me.

Next: Are You with me always?

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