Saturday, 2 November 2013

Who have I judged?

It's not easy asking God to point out your shortcomings. But 30 days into my journey of asking Him 40 questions, I really was starting to grasp that He is so incredibly kind to me. It was a wee difficult acknowledging this particular sin, which involved me judging my first pastor and his wife. But the question urged me to "welcome His attitude towards them" and this turned out to be one of several steps that led me to total forgiveness and complete reconciliation.

Day 30: Who have I judged? 
How shall I see these people? 
How shall I treat them? 

God said: A & S. You know it's true. I know this has been hard to face, but it's true. You've come a long way but you did judge them. And yes they did mishandle you, but that's no excuse really. They were ill equipped to deal with you really, but you made mistakes too. 

Imagine them having to juggle the needs of a whole flock and knowing they're going to miss a few. It hurts. They've made mistakes just like you and it's deeply affected them and they've been hurt and it's difficult. 
They could have been better supports, they could do things different, but that's between them and I. Don't judge them...just understand you were there for a reason and you benefited from their touch. They touched you. They touch my heart.

Next: Against whom do I hold hard feelings?

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  1. I feel this one - from both sides. Lord have mercy on us!