Sunday, 15 December 2013

Why is "it" like that?

Being in ministry is not always easy; I have faced a lot of opposition, lies, push-back and straight up persecution. When I asked God this, near the end of the 40 days of questioning Him, I figured it was as good a time as any to ask about these things. 

Day 36: Why is "it" like that? 
What can be done? What did "that" happen? What do I need to know about "that"?

I wrote: It = Persecution from people in the justice system towards me and all of my boys swinging towards hate.

God replied: Gaylene you know this and have for many years, but the enemy is very intent on taking you out. He does not like seeing you model My godly love towards those young people. 

He feeds lies, but you know it. They have no ground, no solid ground on which to stand. But you do. You need to STAND my girl. Yes Gaylene, you are my girl. You are not their "friend" you see. You are a mother figure and mother figures stand in love. They don't always show it. But they do. And THAT really irritates the enemy of your soul. The more healing you get - so you'll be able to stand in love - the better. 

You know all this but maybe you needed to hear it for encouragement. Maybe you just needed to hear Me today. It's like that because you're doing what I would have you do.
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