Sunday, 1 December 2013

Will You guide me?

Revisiting my 2011 journal where I asked God 40 questions in 40 days has been a far richer experience than I could ever have imagined. And sometimes oh-so-timely. He told me things then that made no sense at the time, but now are crystal clear. I'm so thankful that I did this. But this particular entry was just a wee awkward to revisit. I had conveniently forgotten all about this. Sigh.

Day 34:  Will You guide me? 
Where are we headed?
Psalm 48:14 says He will be our guide even to the end. Show me something about where my future lies.

God said: Why are you crying Gaylene?

I replied: Listening to music I listened to with Dave. It hurts. I loved enjoying music with my husband...just to really sing along and not care and to discover new music. 

God continued: Yes Gaylene I will guide you. Yes it will involve another husband. Yes it will involve music. Yes I will guide you.

I interjected: I'm not sure we hear correctly about our partners. I'm not sure we can.

Gaylene. You hear correctly. And besides that you have excellent instincts about relationships. I'm surprised at how astute you are and I created you. Yes sometimes you protect our heart too much but on the whole I'm proud at the way you've held yourself pure. But I am guiding your relationships. I am in it. And I WILL NOT let you down. You will be surprised. 

The way your heart is wired about music touches my heart. You are not imagining anything my dear Gaylene. Not a thing. You do hear the Holy Spirit in songs, in voices, in melodies, in notes. Yes you do. Don't ever discount that. 

Do you think I will let you down and ask you to be with someone whose heart does not align with yours? His heart will be tender. His heart will be FULL of music. His heart will be a prayerful one...for you, your ministry, your family, his own concerns, justice...and more. His heart is in your hands and you will NOT mishandle it. I promise you, his heart is is fixed on Me, My Son, My concerns. His heart is crafted by me for you. Everything you tell young people about how hearts align is TRUE and they will see it and you will model it in your relationship. Just relax.

Next: What dreams do you want to awake in me?

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