Sunday, 8 December 2013

What dreams do you want to awaken in me?

This was a bit of a touchy subject for me since so many of my long cherished dreams seemed to go by the wayside when I became a Christian. I can't say this was the most satisfying response from God during the process of asking Him 40 questions, what with Him answering my question with a question...

Day 35: What dreams do you want to awaken in me?
Can You awaken a dream or desire that I had previously shelved?

I started: Okay here's the dreams I think I've squashed: marriage and babies, writing a book, a car, travel, golf, financial stability. Any of them pie in the sky? Are any of them what You want to awaken. I know it's just ME...fleshly, selfish, but I concede to Your authority. What dream would YOU like to awaken.

God said: Are you getting the picture Gaylene? Nothing will come between us. Nothing can stop My love for you. All of your dreams are possible when you partner with Me. So many more. So much more. So many of your dreams ARE my dreams and I want to awaken them in you. 

You don't want for too many things outside of My will, that is true. Let me do this? Will you let Me awaken your dreams?

I replied: Yes Lord. I say yes. 

Next: Why is "it" like that?

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