Wednesday, 29 October 2014

war on grumbling day ten

Day 10
I'm thankful for God's mark on my life and all the healing and deliverance that comes with it. #WarOnGrumbling 
I really don't know why I was set apart for salvation but I know that it is real and palpable and I'm awed almost every day. I have a past that includes abuse, alcoholism, abortions, divorce, drug addiction and rage as well as other issues like disassociation. And to be set free and released into Jesus' purposes has been an incredibly humbling yet beautiful experience. And if that isn't enough, He asks me to help others realize the same things. #SetTheCaptivesFree #MindBlown

And if I'm healed by just one touch of Your garment, Lord
Then how much more of Your love is for me than I'm tasting, Lord?
Draw me // Take me // And I will run
Over the mountains and down into the valleys, I will run with You
Oh, all my fountains are in You

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