Monday, 20 October 2014

War on Grumbling Redux

Here I am again. In the trenches fighting against offense, daily irritations and a million other things. Looks like it's time for another 40 Days of Thanksgiving aka the War on Grumbling. Last year, I gained massive perspective on my tendencies and kicked my prayer life into high gear and this year I am hoping for nothing less than encounter and breakthrough.
Here's the rules:
1. Do not grumble against God – repent when you do, thank Him for who He is, what He does and what He Has done.
2. Do not grumble against yourself - no negative speech about self or towards self and when you do confess it and speak truth.
3. Do not grumble against others - confess it when you do, and bless them despite what the reason is you are grumbling against them.
4. No policing one another. If someone does grumble encourage them by praying for them. 
5. Post on social media daily what you are most grateful for. This can help keep gratitude on the forefront of your mind as well as that of others who see what you are grateful for. 

So here I go...the first day with 39 more to go. 

Day 1
I'm thankful the Lord has created me to be a safe place to fall for others. I've got a dear one in my spare room and another on the couch and my big momma's heart has never been so full. #WarOnGrumbling #HoodMom

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