Thursday, 22 September 2016

Something About the Name Jesus

Seeing Kirk Franklin & the Family play at the 1997 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival is one of my most memorable experiences as a concert-goer. Between Kirk, his band, and singers there had to be least 30 people on stage, and their performance was absolutely over the top. I was not even close to being a Christian at the time, but their fervor about this man Jesus blew my natural mind. 

When I got saved eight years later, the very first Christian record I went out and purchased was a used copy of The Nu Nation Project. It contained 17 stellar tracks featuring Kirk Franklin and a tons of guests like Rodney Jerkins, Bono, Fred Hammond, Donnie McClurkin and others. "Something About The Name Jesus" is just one of the album's highlights. I have never grown tired of The Nu Nation Project; almost a dozen years later it's still one of the most played records in my collection. 

And I now realize the wonderment that was stirred in my heart seeing him perform on a Saturday afternoon in New Orleans was the Holy Spirit drawing me to Jesus through an awe-inspiring live show.

Hallelujah, young people there's nothin' wrong with dancin' for Jesus
But we can't forget where we come from
So if you don't mind let's have a little o' church right now
Thank you, Jesus, listen
Something about the name Jesus  It is the sweetest name I know
Oh, how I love the name Jesus It is the sweetest name I know
Some people say I'm crazy but I can't explain
The power that I feel when, oh when I call Your name
Said it's just like fire shot up in my bones
The Holy Ghost is movin', yes, it is and just won't leave me alone
Oh, there's something Something about the name Jesus
It is the sweetest name I know
Oh how I love the name Jesus It is the sweetest name I know
Said, it's sweeter than honey from the honeycomb
I can feel the Holy Ghost movin' and it won't leave me alone
At the name of Jesus Every knee has got to bow
So you don't have to wait till the fire comes
You can call Him, shout, praise Him Do it now
Something about the name Jesus Something about the name Jesus
It is the sweetest name I know
Oh ooh oh ooh oh, oh ooh oh ooh oh
It is the sweetest name
Can I tell you about that name? There's power in that name
Can't nobody do what He does
Oh, I love the name Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

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