Sunday, 25 September 2016

Your Lies

I consider myself a pretty cheery person on the whole, but I have waded through darkness. Oh have I ever. And if I'm going to list music that has touched me, it would belie my walk if I didn't include a song or two that accompanied me in those waste places.

As far as I'm concerned, I am Shelby Lynne is one of the best break-up records of all time. As my own marriage disintegrated, almost every song offered me language to cry to, to rail at, to express my heartache.

But it's the killer opening track "Your Lies" which contains the most potent renderings of what it's like to stand amidst the wreckage of an adulterous relationship. The twisting of reality, the unpaid bills, the questioning of self and of course that heart-wrenching plea every single person who's been cheated on asks: Why'd you have to do me this way?

Even now well over a decade later, I can barely listen to this album without shedding a few tears. But as C.S. Lewis says "There are farfar better things ahead than any we leave behind."

Your lies won't leave me alone
You used to say you loved me did ya
Why'd you do me this way
It didn't have to be that way
I got your message on the phone
I hung on every single line
You told me what we had was only business
Hurt me so bad I had to sit down with the sickness
Your lies won't leave me alone
Tore the phone out the wall and it's still ringin'
Wreck the room and curtains ain't hangin' baby 

Guitar ain't playin'
Your lies won't leave me alone
Look at your picture in the room 

I can see you were never happy with me baby
All my uncertainty is easy to see
How you're killin' me, cause
I got those bills you would not pay
The cost of our love is way too high and I just keep on payin' baby
Why'd you say you loved me, walk around and carry on,
Hurting 'bout your love is gone, the song I sing is sad
And long, wonder if you are alone,
I don't know if I belong
Your lies won't leave me  alone

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