Thursday, 10 November 2016

#WarOnGrumbling Day 25

I'm grateful for all the free stuff bestowed on me today.

Sometimes you just know God is lavishing His love on you by giving you free gifts. Today I was invited to a VIP Holiday event at Aveda Institute and I was a wee surprised to discover I could indulge in lots of free pampering. I got an exfoliating hand massage, a facial, a scalp and shoulder massage and my hair braided, plus lots of yummy snacks.

After I left, I popped into Starbucks, where a friend bought my favourite drink, a doppio espresso on ice. And then another friend served me some yummy Greek food.

Not a big deal individually, but in such quick succession, it seemed that once again I was being spoiled by my heavenly Daddy.

How silently the purity the wondrous gift is given //
For love has made a way for us to come into Your Presence //
You are the Bridegroom take us in Your arms //

We refuse anything that hinders love //
It's the joy of being love sick, the pleasures of loving You //

#WarOnGrumbling #40DaysOfThanksgiving

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