Saturday, 12 November 2016

#WarOnGrumbling Day 27

I'm grateful for a few of my favorite things on a really bad day.

My usual Friday in Gimli turned out a bit brutal. After I sat and prayed with my mother in her hospital room and then further disassembled her apartment, I felt a wave of profound sadness wash over me. 

At times like this I have found deep solace in the fact that Emmanuel is God with us (meaning me) and that He hears my most basic cry: "Helper, help." 

And there's my favourite things. Thankfully I got a few of those today. 

My brother and I stopped at Ponemah Beach to gaze on my Lake Winnipeg on a brisk but bright afternoon.
Ponemah Beach
And on our way home on Highway 8, we caught the last gasp of a superb pink-ribboned sunset. 
Sunset on Highway 8
After my dad died, I lost my of joy of cooking for a while. Thankfully, at the same time I became obsessed with the #58 spicy coconut chicken vermicelli soup at Pho No. 1. I ordered it at least once a week and you should've seen my conniption fit the week the restaurant closed for holidays. Tonight as I contemplated my weariness, I knew that only #58 would do.
Spicy coconut chicken vermicelli soup at Pho No. 1
When I left Pho No. 1, I noticed a stand of lovely perfectly bloomed purple flowers in front of my parking spot. In November... If you're not from Winnipeg, you just won't understand.
Flowers in November
Look at the way the flowers bloom for You //
They want to show You their beauty Lord //
Running waters dance, You and I romance //
Unto You be all the glory.
WarOnGrumbling #40DaysOfThanksgiving

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