Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Beauty Beauty

I've been encountered so many times while listening to David Brymer. No other worship leader has helped me sing my way into the truth like this man. His song "Restoration" was my constant companion through many a dark night of the soul when Jesus was renovating my life from broken and wounded one to a new creation made in His image.

You bring restoration to my soul //
You've taken my pain, called me by a new name // You've taken my shame and in its place, You give me joy

Plead my case for me, O Lord. Reclaim my life. (Lamentations 3:58)

When I delved into Song of Solomon and strongly identified with the Shulamite woman, I obsessed on  "Daughters of Jerusalem". I cannot recall another song that better describes lovesickness for the One who's fairest of ten thousand.

Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you -- if you find my beloved, what will you tell him? Tell him I am faint with love.” (Song of Songs 5:8)

But it was his song "Beauty Beauty" that has most captivated my heart. I know that I know in my knower that I was created by my Father to appreciate His beauty. I see it everywhere in my gardens, in museums, in restautants, in road trips, in sunrises and sunsets, in vistas on lakes, oceans, mountains and prairie fields, in friendships and people. And yes, He even lets me see His beauty in the hard places, jails, streets, crack dens and very often in the hurt and brokenness of lives.

My heavenly Papa created it all and He is incredibly lovely to gaze upon. This means everything He created is beautiful and precious in His sight. What I've discovered is He simply wants us to acknowledge this and then He pours His pleasure back into me. It's a cycle that can be never-ending...if I let it.

This track was the first to give me appropriate language to fully worship Him when I'm regarding His beauteous creation:
All we can do is stand in wonder and sing //
Beauty, beauty, beautiful // Glory, glory, glorious // You are, You are
In the beginning was the Word, the One we have seen, and we have heard
The only Begotten of the Father “You are my one and only Son”
“Not my will but Yours╩╝ be done” All we can do is stand in wonder and sing: Beauty, beauty, beautiful Glory, glory, glorious
You are, You are Who has believed and who has seen? The suffering Servant is our King Though we despised You, You have loved us The Branch of the Lord has been revealed
And by Your wounds we have been healed All of the nations stand in wonder, and sing:
Beauty, beauty, beautiful Glory, glory, glorious You are You are Take me into Your throne room Let me see Your beauty, let me see Your face

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