Friday, 7 October 2016

Take My Heart

I became instantly besotted with "Take My Heart"while watching a Thursday afternoon Misty Edwards devo on the IHOP-KC webstream in 2008. My Nigerian son and I were hanging out in my living room and before long we both ended up facedown and weeping.

It turns out "Take My Heart" was actually written by Winnipegger John Janzen and later covered by Misty. I promptly searched for the songwriter on Facebook and found him in Japan, where he was living, and wrote him a blathering fan letter about how the song undid me.

For me, the kicker was the lyric: tears make my heart soft. All those tears I'd shed over the years that seemed so futile suddenly made sense and took on a whole new meaning. 

In fact, that line has almost become like my life slogan. Now when I cry, I often glance down at my mushy heart and smile.

For a long time I have waited for you
You have won my heart and I am following
For a long time I've been crying out for you
Tears make my heart soft and I am ready

For the return of my lover

Take my heart, my mind and strength too
I was made for loving you
And I will wait, and Ill be faithful
I was made for loving you

Fashioned from the very fabric of God
At the start of time, set free to decide
I will love You for You're the one who loved me first
Just one look from Your eye
I'm captivated by the eyes of my lover
By the eyes of my lover 

Bowing low there in the presence of the One
At the end of time and I hear the bells chime
For our wedding, it will wait no longer now
Oh, how I love You
I finally fall into the arms of my lover

#MonthfulOfMusic #HoodMom

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