Wednesday, 26 November 2014

war on grumbling day thirty eight

Day 38
I'm thankful that God sees me entirely different from the way I see myself. But I'm coming around to His way of thinking. #WarOnGrumbling #40DaysOfThanksgiving
Girl Holding Lily - John Simmons

Tonight I was out with a group of the young laid down lovers of Christ who I dig spending time with. One of them gave me a prophetic word that was something I've heard repetitively over the past decade from the Lord Himself and several other people. And I think it's high time that I receive it. 

It's purity. The word in Greek is katharos, meaning clean, pure, unstained, either literally or ceremonially or spiritually; guiltless, innocent, upright. I'm not going to lie, given my past, it's been a tall order accepting that not only does the Lord see me as pure, I am exactly that. But with healing and truth, I can finally say that purity is part of my identity. Mission accomplished Papa. O how I love You.
Cause there's a lack // There’s a gap in my soul //
Between the things that I believe and I know //
So Holy Spirit You who fill all and all //
Come and fill me // Holy Spirit, come and hold me together //
So I fall into grace again // Like a child I am

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