Monday, 10 November 2014

war on grumbling day twenty two

Day 22

I'm thankful the Word of God is alive inside me and is constantly yielding more.  
#WarOnGrumbling #40DaysOfThanksgiving

What an experience it is to delve into God's Word. Tonight at Sanctuary House of Prayer, I was prayer leader on two different Worship With the Word sets -- Psalm 34:4-6 and Revelation 4:11 -- which both gave me deeper insight into who Jesus is. It also touched my heart and throughout the evening, a joy bubbled up from within me that was unmistakable. 

Your Word - Jon Thurlow
Though my enemies may all surround me //
You will guard, protect and hide me in the shadow of Your wings //
So I open my mouth and I breathe in deep //
That Your word of life may be in me //
To overcome the world

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